maintanance log: Jobs Done
Date Job Done Details Materials Labour
21-22 Jan 2016 Baseball stiched leather on galvanised hoop that goes over bowsprit for head sail tack attachment Jay and Dennis painted the old leather with tallow and gave me some waxed whipping twine. I used two needles to redo the baseball stitching
Jan or Feb 2016 Baseball stiched leather on galvanised hoop on the bow that the bowsprit slides through I used two needles to redo the baseball stitching
Feb and Mar 2016 Renewed standing rigging Dennis and Jay from Bristol Traditional rigging made up new wire rigging: 7 stays, running back stays, whiskers for bowsprit. They also supplied me with 10mm, 12mm and 14mm polyester rope for the running rigging.
Mar 2016 I made up topping lifts with lazy jacks spliced in Thimbles were spliced into the ends of 2 15.5m lengths of 14mm polyester rope. Two 10mm rope lazy jacks were spliced into each of these. Short lengths of 10mm rope were then splice into these so they branch near where they will attach to the boom.
Mar 2016 Servicing the dead eyes Bristol Traditional rigging removed the seven upper eyes from the old galvanised wire. They sanded them and applied Osmo 420 Farblos seidenmatt. I removed the seven lower deadeyes that attach to the stem and chainplates of the boat via gavanised hoops bolted to the fittings on the boat. To clean, scrape and sand the dead eyes effectively and also to clean up the galvanised hoops it would be useful to remove the deadeyes from the galvanised hoops. I did this for the port aft dead eye using a wooden wedge and two metal levers. However this resulted in the hoop being bent further open ie it did not fully spring back. Is this a problem?
maintanance log: Jobs To Do
Date Job To Do Details Materials Labour
15-Apr-2015 Put 2016 coin under mast heel 2016 coin
15-Apr-2015 Check all electrical wiring is in mast if not put it in. best quality tinned wire
15-Apr-2015 Screw combined tricolor and anchor light to mast cap 4 pan head M5 stainless screws about 2" long required to go through fitting and dalryn spacer. Dip all screws in yacht varnish before screwing into mast. Spring washers?. 3 spade connectors required to be crimped onto 3 wires that connect to fitting. Wire needs to be led up mast with cable whatsits nailed into mast ?? 4 X pan head M5 50mm stainless screws; stainless M5 spring washers?; [varnish]; [3/4" thick delrin spacer supplied by Collars]; [Nav light]; spade connectors; cable clips for 3 core cable suitable for fixing to mast;
15-Apr-2015 Attach steaming light to mast with supplied bracket steaming light, bracket
15-Apr-2015 Attach spreaders to mast using galvanised brackets. Bolt through mast and bolts throught spreaders
15-Apr-2015 Attach CAP shrouds to tips of spreaders. Serve wire and use leather to get diameter of shrouds correct for cut out in spreader. Use lacing material. Put more serving above and below spreader to stop wire sliding. leather; tarred linen or friction tape for parcelling; stuff for worming; [marlin]; cord for lashing shroud to spreader tip.
After? 15-Apr-2015 Mast boot Sealing neoprene or equivalent required around deck fitting for mast. 2 or 4 stainless jubilee clips required. Sikaflex required. neoprene or rubber sealing strip eg stuff for sealing hatches?; 4 big jubilee clips; sikaflex; mast boot
15-Apr-2015 Three M12 bolts at mast heel 2 through mortice fore and aft of mast and 1 through mortice and mast tenon. Drill will be required to drill through mast tenon. Put some sort of preservative into that hole before bolt? [3 M12 bolts]; M12 nuts and M12 washers. Tools: drill and 12mm drill bit (long)
15-Apr-2015 Lace 7 pairs of dead eyes Mathew Walker knots with whipped ends and cow hitchs?. Use black polyester rope supplied for this
15-Apr-2015 Attach furling gear. Rotastay E system. Barry Hollis is still determining if this is servicable and servicing if it is....
15-Apr-2015 Foremost sail halyard This went through a block attached via two chains to the port and stbd eyes of the top mast band. Presumably correct height and distance from mast important for furling gear to work correctly?
15-Apr-2015 Gaff throat block this is a double block with becket. Beckett hole very small so special shackle required with small enough pin to go through but big enough for eye of 14mm rope and strong enough (stainless bow?)
15-Apr-2015 Foremost sail halyard This went through a block attached via two chains to the port and stbd eyes of the top mast band. Presumably correct height and distance from mast important for furling gear to work correctly? Correct tackle set up?
15-Apr-2015 Stay sail halyard Leathered strop round part of the mast with eyes shackled together and to block. Correct tackle?
15-Apr-2015 Bent M12 stainless bar: Servicable? If not good need to replace
15-Apr-2015 Bowsprit: bobstay set up Length of chain shackled to fitting on bow at waterling? At other end chain connected to block and tackl led inboard?
15-Apr-2015 Bowsprit: whiskers Lash with cord (need to get appropriate cord) to chainplates on hull. Connect with shackles to cranse iron
15-Apr-2015 Bowsprit: tackle for tack of foresail Leathered galvanised hoop travels along bowsprit to get foresail tack to end of bowsprit and back again. Wyckham-Martin gear??
Leather boom jaws Cut leather and copper tack to boom jaws to protect mast. Treat with tallow