This is a log of maintenance done on Shaula.

2-Feb-2015Jonathan Milton surveyed Shaula. I checked out the sails which seemed in reasonable nick especially considerting the main has been left on the boom for several years.
10-Feb-2015Phil from Riverside Engineering started the engine and checked it over visually. All seemed OK.
14-Mar-2015Drove to Old Mill Creek from Chris Yerbury's. Met Richard Gregson and Dominic Partdidge on Shaula. The latter signed Bill of Sale from him to me. I started scrubbing hull to prepare for antifouling (never got round to antifouling). Dom spent the day showing me how stuff works.
15-Mar-2015More hull scrubbing. More induction from Dom. Tea with Steve and Anne. Calculation of HOT needed to float boat: At 2210 water to deck = 2.7m; water line to deck = 1.0m so water to water line = 1.7m. From Reeds HOT at 2210 = 3.0m. So HOT needed to float Shaula = 3.0 + 1.7 = 4.7m.
16-Mar-2015Brought main halyard back to mast to facilitate putting sail cover on. Extended both ends of halyard with polypropylene rope. Continued scrubbing for antifouling. Almost dons stbd side. Talked to Steve and Pete about antifouling. Drove Steve to Riverside Engineering. Talked to Phil. He is leaving but agreed to sell me parts for servicing engine. Lunch at Sainsburys. Calculation of HOT needed to float boat: At 1255 water to water line = 1.0m. From Reeds HOT at 1255 = 3.6m. So HOT needed to float Shaula = 3.6 + 1.0 = 4.6m.Dates when HW > or = 4.8m: 19-24 Mar; 17-22 Apr; 17-20 May. Bought 5l Bilgex. Cleaned bilges with washing up liquid
17-Mar-2015Played with Derrick! (lifting gear on the boat). Changed dipstick on gearbox. Took cover off impeller. Dropped into engine! Steve arranged with Mike for me to take 2.5l Jotun Sea Force 30 light red antifoul (cost £50).
22-Mar-2015Drove Landrover from Swindon to the boat. Had puncture in Swindon. Half shaft broke 500 yards from destination. AA relay back home.
23-Mar-2015Drove Dad's car to Shaula. Moved the boat back into deeper water.
24-Mar-2015Decided boat needs to be in 4.5m water. Used Reeds to calculate that I should ground her at 0952 (1 hour after HW Dartmouth). Using a back stay to support boom as lazy jacks from topping lift will get in way of cover. Ahhg.. problem with backstay is cant pull much rope through block tomake long enough.... so increased lenghth with polyprop rope. Shackles bugger to undo...rust solvent....Moved a lot of rigging outboard in preparation for fitting cover.
25-Mar-2015Couldnt get top off Refleks diesel heater. Finally levered off using two screw drivers. Measured diam of: Wire: backstay wire - 8.2mm forestay - 11.7mm Strops for main halyard - 10mm Rope: main halyard - 15.8mm anchor warp - 28mm. Did a bit of brass polishing in evening. Rained and wet sleeping bag etc etc as decks and coach roof leak.
26-Mar-2015Continued to make cover..... bought 7 X 4.8m X 2" X 2" PAR timber for cover. Struggling with problem of tying cover down outboard...
8-Apr-2015Still making frame for cover. Keep changing the design
9-Apr-2015Still making frame for cover.
last week of April ishBack at Willow Tree Farm: wired up Fusion radio / amp / bluetooth and speakers to car battery: worked fine but did not sound great. Also, made cap for top of mast out of reclaimed mahogany. 3 coats of primer and 3 of undercoat. Later found out from Michel that angles were all too sharp and where possible curved edges not 90 degrees better for taking paint and therefore more durable....
8-May-2015Ran engine for about 1 min without sea cock open. After opening would not start again. Checked impeller which looked fine but now dripping.
9-May-2015Ran engine again. Ran for 20 min: before / after gearbox 50 /140 PSI, engine <20 / 50 PSI, water <50 />60 degC. Noticed leak from base of radiator cap stalk. Elec alarm confusing.
10-May-2015Took battery charger plug out and 12v stbd light went out? Tried closing valve on exhaust thru hull outlet but kept going round. After a while put about 20 anticlockwise turns on. So is it open closed or halfway? Removed stainless steel aft port fuel tank. pir^2l = 3.14*.18*.18*.75 = .076 cubic metres = 76 litres as advertised.
11-May-2015Removed cooker and gas cylinder, and sink. Continued making boat cover / shed. Dimensions: 1p113;s110.2p166;s162.3p199;s195.4p225;s218.5p226;s225.6p200;s207.
12-May-2015continued making frame for cover. Michel had a beer on Shaula in the evening and talked about raking out putty / white lead from deck seams and paying in Jefferies no2. I need to make or find some tools for the job??
13-May-2015continued making frame for cover. frame for cover
Beginning of June 2015continued making frame for cover. Bought some used PVC (15m X 5m) from Bobby and cut out 1 peice and fitted it to the frame using brass eyes and ropes: frame for cover Connected VHF aireal splitter (bought from Andy) to incoming coax cable so now could listen to radio on new Fusion stereo system. Still can not get most stations hopefully just because signal is poor in the creek.
End of June 2015Attached legs to frame for cover to raise height for working under. Only did foreward of the mast: raised frame for cover Now getting radio 4 on radio which was very nice along with the fact that my phone now has quite a few music albums on which work on the sound system via bluetooth very well.
Mid Jul 2015Raised frame aft of the mask: finished raised frame for cover Ted Luck came over and we made a start on caulking with Jefferies No 2.....started caulking. The engine water and oil cooler and the gearbox oil cooler were found to be too corroded so have bought replacements. An oil pipe between cooler and gearbox broke in my hands draining the gearbox of oil: started caulking. Jeff Peters is helping with engine repairs.
18-25 Aug-2015Removed two flexible diesel tanks. The diesel was heavily contaminted blocking the funnel. Jeff Peters pushed the repairs to the cooling system on. Built a wooden mock up of new diesel tank to go under the port bench in the . It would hold about 178 litres. Probably should rebuild it making it wider and deeper by replacing wooden frame with angle stainless steel. Despite wet weather got some antifouling done. Too wet to do any caulking. Removed Refleks diesel heater as copper tubing for water heating leaks and had got red hot when last used despite being on low setting
Early Sep 2015Jeff Peters and I ran the engine from 5 litre diesel container. His invoice describes what he has done. I continued with pouring tar into deck seams. Michel le Moigne put caulking cotton round coach house to deck joint frame for cover and continued round cockpit combing to deck joint. Michel and I remove oak block with small winches on. I later dissambled the winches and cleaned them in diesel and greased them. On reassembly one is working very well (it was working but stiff before) the other one is stuck as before. I poured tar in on top of the seams Michel had put caulking cotton in. Only a very small amount of deck now in need of tar.
16-22 Sep 2015Arrived at the boat with the expectation that Michel would be making a set of legs during the next week. To my intense disappointment he did not. I am learning that very few people stick to their word and I am grateful to those who been upfront and said they do not have time as opposed to saying they will do something and then not doing anything. I worked very hard almost finishing all the caulking on the decks but not started coach roof yet. I sanded and then spot primed sides of coach roof which had got tar on them. Talked to Jeff Peters about where to put fuel tank....Also did more antifouling so only area left now is between the bilge keels and the main keel on both sides: will need more antifoul. Laid anchor chain out on pontoon. It was 100m Marked every 5 metres with a small cable tie and every 10 meters with 1 large cable tie for 10 metres; 2 for 20 up to 5 for 50 metres. After that just had 2 cable ties for each subsequent 10 metre interval (number of links between the two cable ties multiplied by 10 equals length of chain). Last 40 metres has lost all its galvanising and is very rusty.
late Sep 2015Back at home fully dismantled one of the small winches with the invaluable help of Cril Griffin. The winch was sticking and very difficult to turn. Cryil had to put a couple of bits in the lathe and use emery cloth to get them a bit more circular so that now they turn quite nicely. The pawls and springs look OK and I will reassemble them but I would like to get spare springs especially as the members of each of the pairs of springs are not identical which suggests they have changed shape:started caulking

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