Shaula's Log

Shaula -

Old Mill Creek, River Dart to Mount Edgecombe, Plymouth.

On board: Steve

Depart: 2016-07-21 0800 Arrive: 2016-07-21 1630

Distance: 35

Motored all the way with light head winds. Anchored. Got in a muddle anchoring much to the annoyance of fisherman on the shore who I got rather close to....

Getting ready to leave Old Mill Creek

Mount Edgecombe, Plymouth to Portscatho.

On board: Steve

Depart: 2016-07-22 1100 Arrive: 2016-07-22 2000

Distance: 35

Motored all the way with roller reefing jib out. Anchored

Approaching Portscatho

Portscatho to Falmouth.

On board: Steve and Chris

Depart: 2016-07-24 1100 Arrive: 2016-07-24 1500

Distance: 12

Sailed. Anchored at St Mawes. After a few days sailing with Chris Yerbury and also later mending things on the boat (mainly an oil leak from the engine where the pipe for the oil pressure gauge comes out which took 4 trips to Armada Hydraulics!) moved to anchor off Falmouth. Met Tramp and spent last night moored in Restronguet. Picking up the mooring in Restronguet was very tricky as it was crowded with moored boats and a strong tide was coming out and it was getting dark. Had a look at the amazing 100 tonne Lowestoft Trawler that Tramp is living on.

Sailing round Zone point. Steve

Falmouth (Restronguet) to Hugh Town, St Marys, Scilly Isles.

On board: Steve and Tramp

Depart: 2016-08-05 1500 Arrive: 2016-08-06 1700

Distance: 0

Very slow sailing at night heading South to round the Lizard (panicked after plotting position incorrectly and thought I was about to run into the Lizard!). Motor sailed during the next day. Finally wind got up and sailed a couple of hours before arriving. Moored. Lovely walks etc in Scillies. Mended diesel leak by replacing Banjo fitting on injector pump.

We went aground coming out of Restronguet (fortunately at low tide). Not as aground as the boat in front and to the right of Shaula!

Hugh Town, St Marys, Scilly Isles to Lundy Island.

On board: Steve and Tramp

Depart: 2016-08-10 0730 Arrive: 2016-08-11 1300

Distance: 0

Sailed. Had to put 2nd reef in at night (on my own as Tramp in deep sleep). Anchored. Too far and too windy and too tired to go ashore.

Lundy Island to Flat Holm.

On board: Steve and Tramp

Depart: 2016-08-12 0635 Arrive: 2016-08-12 1945

Distance: 0

Motor sailed down Bristol Channel with 2 tides and against one. Took main sail down as weather helm became excessive. Echo sounder broken so used lead line for anchoring. Ended up with boat in 23 metres water (anchor probably in less) so had 70m chain out. Anchor watch every hour during night. Quite rolly.

Leaving Lundy behind.

Flat Holm to Bristol.

On board: Steve and Tramp

Depart: 2016-08-13 0900 Arrive: 2016-08-13 1300

Distance: 0

Sailed to Avonmouth then motored up Avon. Roller reefing jib was up as we passed under the M5. Chris was there with food and beers at Bristol lock. HMS Balmoral was coming out

On the Avon under the M5

Cumberland Basin, Bristol to Cardiff.

On board: Steve and Chris Yerbury

Depart: 2016-09-20 1030 Arrive: 2016-09-20 1415

Distance: 25

Motored as no wind. Strong tides as was Springs. Had drinks with Richard, Ed and Paul in the evening.

Strong tides in the Bristol Channel

Cardiff to Portishead Quays Marina.

On board: Steve and Chris

Depart: 2016-09-21 0730 Arrive: 2016-09-21 2016

Distance: 18

Motored as little wind. Put up sails for a while but wind direction wrong. Locked into marina (36 for the night). Chris left on the bus to Bristol

In Portishead Quays. The lifeboat belongs to Dave who works at the marina.

Portishead Quays Marina to Bristol.

On board: Steve

Depart: 2016-09-22 0930 Arrive: 2016-09-22 1200

Distance: 10

No wind so motored the two miles to Avonmouth and then up the Avon. Tied up to a pontoon by the Llyods Building in Bristol Floating Harbour opposite the Mathew.

Bristol to Lynemouth.

On board: Steve and Dominic Partridge

Depart: 2017-05-02 1130 Arrive: 2017-05-02 1830

Distance: 56

Locked out with Mike on Charger. Considered going to Lundy but forecast NE wind never materialised so motored until tide turned and then anchored.

Leaving Bristol

Lynemouth to Swansea.

On board: Steve and Dominic Partridge

Depart: 2017-05-03 0500 Arrive: 2017-05-03 1030

Distance: 0


Dominic splicing the mainbrace

Swansea to Lydstep Haven.

On board: Steve

Depart: 2017-05-07 0850 Arrive: 2017-05-07 1800

Distance: 0

Motored against wind and tide. Not brilliant passage planing but wind direction was forecast as variable. Was good to make progress.

Lydstep Haven to Milford Haven.

On board: Steve

Depart: 2017-05-08 0510 Arrive: 2017-05-08 1000

Distance: 27

motored with jib up. Tide and wind on my side.

Anchored in Sandy Haven Bay

Milford Haven to Milford Haven.

On board: Steve

Depart: 2017-05-11 1100 Arrive: 2017-05-11 1500

Distance: 10

Spent time practicing going about, gybing and reefing and trying different sail combinations. Tied to a pontoon in Dale Bay.

Tied to pontoon in Dale Bay.

Dale, Milford Haven to North Haven, Skomer.

On board: Steve

Depart: 2017-05-25 0800 Arrive: 2017-05-25 1230

Distance: 17

Intended to get to Fishguard but on the way towards South Bishop realised that the tide would turn against me while I was still heading North near the Bishops. So headed for Skomer. Motor sailed into a strong current round NW end of Skomer.

North Haven, Skomer to Fishguard.

On board: Steve

Depart: 2017-05-26 0545 Arrive: 2017-05-26 1220

Distance: 27

Made reasonable progress with just the roller furling jib (ie no mainsail) but turned engine on to help me get round S. Bishop and ended up motor sailing the whole way from then. Tide turned against me once I was off Strumble Head so the last few miles were very slow.

Leaving North Haven, Skomer.

Fishguard to New Quay.

On board: Steve

Depart: 30 May 2017 0800 Arrive: 30 May 2017 1545

Distance: 27

Reasonable wind from behind made we want a pole so I could goosewing the jib. Made the mistake of taking the sails down off the headland by New Quay bay. Very rolly so not easy.

Pot buoy nearly submerged by tide running past it (fortunately on my side). Looking into Port Cardigan.

New Quay to Aberystwyth.

On board: Steve

Depart: 31 May 2017 0540 Arrive: 31 May 2017 1500

Distance: 16

Very little wind and reluctant to use the engine. Light wind against made me start sailing back to New Quay for a while. Eventually a good wind developed although rather late for entering Aberystwyth before 2 hours after high water so motor sailing for the last few miles.

View from my berth in Aberystwyth.