maintanance log
Date Job Details
Feb-2015 Phil from Riverside Engineering ran the engine up and did visual check
Aug-2015 Jeff Peters replaced engine oil and water heat exchanger and gearbox oil cooler.
Oct-2015 Jeff and I replaced old diesel tanks with new one Series C 70 litre fuel tank mounted on epoxy coated plywood base under port cabin berth.
13-Dec-2015 After using the engine for about 90 minutes there was no sign of water in the coolant reservoir. I had to add 10 litres of water to bring reservoir to the correct level. I ran the engine for 5 minutes and looked for leaks but could not see any. I thought the bilge water smelled of coolant but it may have been bilgex which I had added some time in the past.
15-Dec-2015 Rob (engineer with Darthaven Marina) came to look at the engine. We ran it under load for 40 minutes. No sign of any leaks. He thought there must be a giant air lock in the system and that there was no leak or other problem. Gearbox 130psi, Eng 49psi, Temp 68C
14-Jan-2016 Changed engine oil filter Replace because old one was getting rusty on the outside.
14-Jan-2016 Tightened both alternator belts A 13mm (spanner size) lock nut was not tightening so thread knackered on it or on bolt (should be more than 56mm including head. Diam of threaded part is 7.5mm)
26-Mar-2016 Tested antifreeze Two out of three balls floated so OK to -17C.
26-Mar-2016 Ran engine under load for about 20 minutes. Pressing start button did nothing first time (as on some previous occasions) but second time engine started immediately. Could be a loose connection or a problem with the solenoid. The prop was turning slowly in neutral when engine first started. Did not check to see if turned in neutral after the 20 minutes running under load.